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How to use BootLoader with security feature?(HCS12)

Question asked by Ni Yin on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by Daniel Martynek

Hello everyone :


I know how to use bootloader according to AN3275 and AN4258.

I know how to secure the mcu (by writing 'const char Set_key @0xFF0F = 0X80;' )

but how to do them at the same time?


As usual I tried to write 'const char Set_key @0xFF0F = 0X80;'but when I try to download my code to MCU by using BootLoader, it doesn't work. Maybe it’s because ‘the area 0xF0000xFFFF is occupied by the bootloader’ according to AN4258.


And AN4258 said: By using the different menus of the bootloader, the user can set the backdoor keys and secure the microcontroller.

I found a menu which can set 'keys', but didn't find any menu to secure the microcontroller.


What can I do?