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MKE06Z    RTOS  ??

Question asked by GANG LIU on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Mark Butcher

您好,感谢您看到我的问题,我是一名大二的学生,我已经潜心学习了两周关于MKE06Z使用操作系统的问题,我首先使用的是UCOSII操作系统,但是由于学习课程内容的限制,我卡在了怎样将UCOSII移植到MKE06的问题上,我使用的方法是先从UCOS官网下载,能找的得到的是MK64的UCOSII例程,然后再通过书籍的讲解来移植到MKE06Z上,但是我一直在失败,问题在于寄存器那里我看不懂。不懂得那些汇编怎么改,不知道从何学起。所以我想希望谁能够给我一份关于MKE06Z的RTOS的程序,能让我开始研究,不论是FREE RTOS还是UCOS还是MQX的实时操作系统,这样我可以有一个学习的平台。谢谢。


Hello, thank you see my problem, I am a sophomore, I have been studying for two weeks on MKE06Z use operating system problem, I am the first to use UCOSII operating system, but because of the limitation of learning content, I'm stuck on the question of how to transplanted UCOSII into MKE06, I use method is first downloaded from UCOS website, can find the got the MK64 UCOSII routines, and then through the interpretation of books to transplant to MKE06Z, but I have been a failure, the problem is that register there I can't understand.I don't know how to make those compilations, I don't know how to learn them.So I want to want to who can give me a program about MKE06Z RTOS, can let I began to study, whether it is a FREE RTOS is UCOS is MQX real-time operating system, so that I can have a learning platform.Thank you.