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u-boot offset for QSPI boot on LS1043A

Question asked by Shiva Pandit on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Shiva Pandit

What is the correct offset for u-boot when booting from QSPI? 0x40010000 or 0x40001000?


According to u-boot/README.qspi at integration · qoriq-open-source/u-boot · GitHub , it should be 0x1000 for LS1043A and we need to add the following PBI instruction to point to modify the boot location pointer:

write 0x570604, 0x40001000

However, ls1043aqds examples use 0x40010000 as boot location pointer. What is the correct offset?


As a follow-up question, is there an option to build a binary image for u-boot + rcw (not with SPL) with appropriate offsets using the LSDK or yocto toolchain?