Kensuke TAKITA

Where can I buy old chassis

Discussion created by Kensuke TAKITA on Sep 10, 2017


I would like to know where I can buy the chassis included in old Freescale Cup Kit.

I am using the old kit for the class, and I need a couple of chassis to maintain the class in this year.

I have several spare parts of KL25Z, TFC-Sheild and Futaba servo, so I need only the mechanical parts such as a chassis.  

The chassis looks very like a radio control car chassis, but the ordinary R/C car chassis usually has only one motor, not two motors. 

The current chassis selled by LANDZO is a different from it, so it is difficult to use it this year. 

If I could get budget, it would be possible to replace 70 pcs of the old kit to new one... 



Kensuke TAKITA.