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MPC5748G memory map discarded the most useful input sections

Question asked by ning li on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by ning li

Hi, I'm using MPC5748G to run freeRTOS on DEVKIT, S32 studio, it can run with debugger,( the original project is  at freertos.git - Automotive FreeRTOS Tree , freertos-9.x.x branch) but can't run after reset. I find it's the problem of the linker file. I use S32SDK EAR 0.8.0 Linker Update S32SDK EAR 0.8.0 Linker Update , the MPC5748G_flash.ld to replace the original one. But after compiled, In the memory map I can see, most the useful source file is discarded, and I still can't run.

What's the problem with that? How to modify the project setting if I add some my own source files?

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