Wolfgang Schwertner

D-Bug12 or flash on S9S12G64F1VLC

Discussion created by Wolfgang Schwertner on Sep 10, 2017



I have been trying to put D-Bug12 (versions old and new) on a S9S12G64F1VLC with no luck.  Does anyone know how to do this?


I understand it may not be possible for limited flash size, ect.


I would be equally happy just to program the flash but I am unsuccessful with that as well.


I am using a MC9S12DG256CPVE as a POD to connect to my target through BDM.


I do get the "S>" prompt on my IDE (AsmIDE).


When I try to load anything I get a "*" followed by "S>", or "can't write target memory".


I believe I may be using SRecCvt incorrectly.




- Wolfgang