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Debugging NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum on LPC11u68 MCU does not work

Question asked by Mahmoud Hosseini on Sep 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by IvanRuiz


I'm trying to debug NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum example on my custom lpc11u68 based board,

I'm using LPCXpresso 8.2.2 and NFC-Reader-Library-v04.030.00.011627 and LPC-link2.

I can successfully Debug and run NfcrdlibEx4_MIFAREClassic example on my board,and examples are debugged in LPC1769 based evaluation boards,but when I'm trying to debug NFCForum example ,IDE shows :

15: Target error from Commit Flash write: Ef(34): Timed-out initializing flash.
Also I Feed LPC11u68 with external 3v3 0.5A PSU but no success,

This is my debug log:

LPCXpresso RedlinkMulti Driver v8.2 (Sep  5 2016 10:13:28 - crt_emu_cm_redlink build 725)
Probe Firmware: LPC-LINK2 CMSIS-DAP V5.173 (NXP Semiconductors)
Serial Number:  BYGWKVMV
VID:PID:  1FC9:0090
USB Path: /dev/hidraw1
Emu(0): Connected&Reset. DpID: 0BC11477. CpuID: 410CC600. Info: <None>
Debug protocol: SWD. RTCK: Disabled. Vector catch: Disabled.
inspected v.2 On-chip Flash Memory /usr/local/lpcxpresso_8.2.2_650/lpcxpresso/bin/Flash/LPC175x_6x_512.cfx
image 'LPC175x_6x (512K) Jun 21 2016 11:53:23'
NXP: LPC1769  Part ID: 0x00000000
( 65) Chip Setup Complete
Connected: was_reset=true. was_stopped=false
LPCXpresso Free License - Download limit is 256K
Opening flash driver /usr/local/lpcxpresso_8.2.2_650/lpcxpresso/bin/Flash/LPC175x_6x_512.cfx
AFTER driver startup timeout
Driver Addresses
Start:  10000000
Entry:  10000035
End:    10000424
Stack:  10000628
Driver Register State
R0:     10002628
R1:     00000000
R2:     00000000
R3:     400FC000
R4:     10002628
R5:     00000000
R6:     00000000
R7:     00000000
R8:     00000000
R9:     00000000
R10:    00000000
R11:    00000000
R12:    00000000
SP:     100005F8
LR:     FFFFFFF9 (exception from main thread)
PC:     1FFF4002
xPSR:   21000003
MSP:    100005F8
PSP:    10000628
CFBP:   00000001
Stacked Exception information
10000614:  xPSR:   21000000
10000610:  VECTPC: 100000E8
1000060C:  LR:     1000003D
10000608:  R12:    00000000
10000604:  R3:     400FC000
10000600:  R2:     00000000
100005FC:  R1:     00000000
100005F8:  R0:     10002628
Exception registers
E000ED04:  ICSR:   00000003 (VECTPEND=0(none), VECTACTIVE=3(hard fault))
E000ED28:  MMFSR:  00
E000ED29:  BFSR:   00
E000ED2A:  UFSR:   0000
E000ED2C:  HFSR:   00000000
E000ED30:  DFSR:   00000000
E000ED3C:  AFSR:   00000000
E000ED24:  SHCSR:  00000000
E000ED34:  MMAR:   00000000
E000ED38:  BFAR:   00000000
VECTPC instructions near 100000E8
100000E4:  4B22
100000E6:  B4F0
100000E8:  F8D3
100000EA:  2088
100000EC:  0194
100000EE:  D50D
Flash Driver V.2 startup failed - rc Ef(34): Timed-out initializing flash.
(100) Writing Flash ended with an error.
Target error from Commit Flash write: Ef(34): Timed-out initializing flash.
(crt_emu_cm_redlink) terminating on communication loss: Pipe has been closed by GDB.