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Try to get CodeWarrior Tap working with T2080RDB...

Question asked by evaneimer on Sep 8, 2017
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Try to get CodeWarrior Tap working with T2080RDB...


I created a support case/ticket for this problem but haven't heard anything back, so I thought I would try here as well.


I am trying to use a CodeWarrior TAP with CodeWarrior Development Studio, and so far I haven't been able to get the TAP to perform any useful operations. Here is my setup:

Target: NXP T2080RDB

Host: Dell PC Running Windows 7 Professional.

CodeWarrior: CodeWarrior for Power Architecture, Version 10.5.1 CodeWarrior Development Suite For Networked Applications Developer Level - Floating License

TAP Host connection: USB port

TAP Target connection: T2080RDB J3 connector (T2080_COP)

TAP LEDs: Tx/Rx flashing green, Run/Pause solid red (might be orange, but I think it is red)


The Host PC appears to recognize the CodeWarrior Tap. It shows up in Device Manager as: Freescale Probes +--> CodeWarrior TAP Also, when I plug the USB cable into the PC, ipconfig shows a new Local Area Connection with an IP address of I can successfully ping that IP address. I assume that I am effectively pinging the TAP.


My T2080RDB and CodeWarrior Studio are working fine. I can create projects and run them on the T2080RDB. I can also run debug sessions (without the TAP) using Attach and Download configurations (apptrk).

When in the CodeWarrior Debug environment, any operations that I try to do with the TAP encounter some type of error. I have tried various configurations and various operations (debug a program, run a hardware diagnostic test, etc)

Here is one example:

- Connect TAP to Host and then target (which is powered-down).

- Power on target (T2080RDB) and allow it to run Boot to Linux. Verify Linux is running by typing at serial console.

- Launch CodeWarrior Dev. Studio.

- Run Debug configuration for a small multi-threaded Linux application with Target setting as CodeWarrior_Tap (see attached screen capture).

- Wait a few seconds, then get the following pop-window error:

Error launching TwoThreads Linux_Application CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to reset the target [CCS last error: T2080: HRESET occurred during transaction ]


I imagine that I have something configured wrong or that I am using the TAP in the wrong manner. Is there a simple example that can be provided that shows how to properly configure the CodeWarrior TAP for the T2080RDB and perform some type of useful operation? Something that would demonstrate that the TAP is configured properly and interfacing with the T2080RDB.