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Which protocol to choose for wireless comunication based on JN5168 M03 modules

Question asked by Michal Lauko on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by Michal Lauko

Hi for all,


I'm new here. I bought JN5168-M03 modules for wireless communication in my LaserTag project between controller (PC) and each other taggers.

My idea is simple:

1) There will be one controller - PC with one JN5168 module connected through USBtoUart, which will send commands (for example start game, change configuration and so on) either to all or to specific tagger. It will also receive messages from taggers when some tagger will be shot and so on.

2) Maybe there will be one or more routers to extend the range

3) There will be minimal two or more taggers which will receive messages from controller (start game, stop game, change configuration, ...) and send messages to controller when tagger will be shot.


So controller must be able to unicast (change configuration) and broadcast (start game) to each single tagger and each tagger must be able unicast to controller. Taggers can move so they must be able to change its parent when move from range of one parent to another.


I have found that there are four supported protocols (IEEE 802.15.4, JenNet-IP, ZigBee Pro and ZigBee RF4CE) but I'm little bit confused which of them is the best for my purpose. Can someone point me to best starting point - application note or something else?