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DDR test pattern

Question asked by Kazuma Sasaki on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Kazuma Sasaki

We are using DDR Stress Test Tool V2.7. as you know, it can be execute stress test via this tool.

Then, I got following log. It seems six or seven test cases executed.

What kind of test executed by this tool? Could you elaborate all test scenarios?


DDR Freq: 396 MHz

t0.1: data is addr test

t0: memcpy10 SSN x64 test

t1: memcpy8 SSN x64 test

t2: byte-wise SSN x64 test

t3: memcpy11 random pattern test

t4: IRAM_to_DDRv2 test

t5: IRAM_to_DDRv1 test

t6: read noise walking ones and zeros test


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