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IMX6DL - PC does not recognise the IMX6 cpu as USB OTG device

Question asked by georgiadede on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by georgiadede

We are using the IMX6U5DVM10ACR and the OTG USB port as device so the MFG tool can be used.

No software loaded and processor input/output supplies and clock look ok.  The connect a USB cable from my PC to the OTG USB port connector (before using the MFG tool). My PC does not recognize the IMX6 CPU as device (expect a new HID device in Win 'device manager'). I have attached the schematic for reference. Please can you take a look and assist? I suppose at that stage the Boot pins configuration settings are not relevant.


Also a couple of questions regarding the microprocessor output (LDOs) supplies.

According to the HW User guide Table 4-1 and Note 1 VDDSOC_CAP & VDDPU_CAP are allowed to be connected together. Is this right as this is the way I have implemented this on my design? I noticed that the SABRE design has these supplies on different rails.


Thank you.