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Programming the simulink generated code onto the hardware using JTAG

Question asked by Raghu Rajappa on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by Paul Vlase


I have created simulink models and generated C code too, for MPC5744L microcontroller which is connected to a daughter board and eventually to the XPC56XX B rev motherboard. This program is a simple LED + Button configuration.

Now the next step is to program this generated code directly onto the hardware to see the LED blink with button clicks. But I am stuck at this step because I could not find a step by step tutorial showing me how to program the hardware using the JTAG pins (I currently use a PLS-USB JTAG debugger). I could however find a video that shows how I can flash the code using FreeMaster and serial communication. But I intend to use the JTAG debugger and do not know how to integrate PLS software with Simulink such that the integration works seamelessly to program the generated code onto the hardware. 

Any help/suggestions is appreciated. 


Summary - I have MATLAB generated code and want to use the JTAG connection to program the hardware. I am stuck because i do not know how to do this (couldn't find a tutorial/step-by-step guide). 

Thank you