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PP1_KWP1_PWM1_IRQ rising edge not working!

Question asked by Manish Sangram on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by lama


We are using S12ZVMC128 


The documentation is very confusing and probably misleading in that it does not state in any of usual reference places that PP1_KWP1_PWM1_IRQ does not support rising edge interrupt. 


We have selected this pin for Interrupt IO and used processor expert to generate code. Already our hardware is designed and the board has this pin mapped to a port that is used as a switch so we can't change this.


We found that we were only getting falling edge and not getting rising edge interrupt so we checked the code by PE and found the code be different from usual code. It had generated a SetEdge function, which we use to switch from falling to rising edge but here is switching from falling to low edge.


All the reference does not highlight this except when you look at the IRQCR which is the last thing we looked at.


Now we want to know is it possible to get the rising edge interrupt on this PP1 pin or NOT??? This will require us to make new boards!!!


References we looked at MC9S12ZVM Family Reference Manual Rev. 2.5

Page 56



Page 110 Table 2-7 Port P Pin Functions and Priorities

PTP[1]/KWP[1] I/O General-purpose; with interrupt and wakeup


This is critical and urgent issue for us now.