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EMC (SDRAM) example on LPCXpresso5460 not working

Question asked by Norbert ten Hove on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by Carsten Groen

We have a OM13092 (LPCXpresso54608 rev B) and I downloaded the SDK (SDK_2.2_LPCXpresso54608).

I opened the emc (SDRAM) example because I wanted to test the EMC interface. We built and loaded the sample in Keil as-is, without modifications. However, the SDRAM tests do not finish succesfully. The SDRAM_AddressBusCheck function fails and prints the debug message.

When stepping into SDRAM_AddressBusCheck, it fails on the following location:

/* Read and check. */
for (offset = 1; offset < size; offset <<= 1)
if (address[offset] != pattern)
return kStatus_Fail;

It already fails when offset is 1 (first loop). If I look at the contents of address[1], it tells me 0x55575557 (instead of the expected 0x55555555).


Is there something wrong in the example application? Can someone give me a clue where to find the solution?