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underflow interrupt occur in eLCDIF in i.MX7D

Question asked by ko-hey on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

Hi all


I have questions about eLCDIF in i.MX7D.


When MIPI-DSI image distortion occurred, I found the that underflow interrupt occurred in eLCDIF.

UNDERFLOW_IRQ bit of LCDIFx_CTRL1n is set after image distortion has occurred.

I want to resolve this underflow interrupt and have following question.




I found the following description in p3636 of RM.
"Underflow interrupt is asserted when the clock domain crossing FIFO (TXFIFO) becomes empty but the block is in active display portion during that time. Software should take corrective action to make sure that this does not happen."


Could you tell me the "corrective action" concretely ?




I expected that it is a function which is prepared as a remedy measure when an underflow interrupt occurs, but image disorder was not resolved even if the bit was set.


Please describe the function details of RECOVER_ON_UNDERFLOW of LCDIFx_CTRL1n.



I found following thread which is for i.MX50.


Is it same as i.MX7D ?