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Question asked by PRASANTH V on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Hi Support Team 


I am using ZigbeeNodeControlBridge/Source/ZigbeeNodeControlBridge in JN5168 as Control Bridge connected tolinux based PC  via UART serial port


Below things will be running in linux based PC 

ZigbeeNodeControlBridge/Source/Host/zigbee-jip-daemon/JIP/Build   => zigbee daemon  will be running in one terminal 

Host/ZigbeeNodeControlBridge/Source/Host/libJIP/Build                  => jip will be running in another terminal window


i  am able to run daemon and connect to Available ZIGBEE nodes and get data and notification, 

consider another PC connected to Gateway via LAN

As per jennet ip documents i will be able to control or read / write data to ZIGBEE node from another PC connected to gateway via LAN


In this scenerio i tried running  zigbee_daemon in GATEWAY PC

                                                jip client will be running in Another PC where i want to do the read/write (./JIP -6 "GATEWAY_PC_IPV6") , will i be able to do this way ??

please provide some information that clarifies above scenario...


Thank you