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Debug a project which is using the SPT on S32R274

Question asked by Roger Helfenberger on Sep 6, 2017
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I am currently importing a project into S32 Studio, which was before compiled and also running when using standard Eclipse, GHS and a Lauterbach-Programmer.


I changed now everything to use the S32Studio and use the GCC compiler and it also compiles and is able to run on the hardware. Until the initialisaiton of the SPT. The commands are written in the SPT buffer, but the SPT does not process them anymore. (i wait for the flag SPT_CS_STATUS0 to get 1, which never happens.)


Flashing the old .elf files of the GHS compiler with the "USB Multilink FX" results still in a running device, so flashing is not the problem.



Do you have any suggestions to find out why the SPT does not run anymore?

I read about a grafical SPT programmer. Could it be a problem, because I am not using it, but instead using the self coded commands?



Thanks for your response.

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