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Should SD1_CD_B be pulled low for Wi-Fi over SDIO (i.mx6ULL)?

Question asked by Abin Puthiyath on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Abin Puthiyath

We have a WiFi module always connected to i.MX6ULL processor over SDIO interface (4bit mode). My doubt is regarding SD1_CD_B pin. Is it necessary to have a pull down on this pin for SDIO to function? ( thought I could save a pin). In some designs (like Atmel) I could see DATA_3 pulled up for some purpose (DATA 3 also functions as card detect in that case).

i.MX6ULL  says DATA_3 functions as a card detect in 1 bit mode.
Kindly clear clear the air.
Must I pull down SD1_CD_B or give pull ups on the data lines for a WiFi module to work over SDIO?

Will the SDIO interface work by tweaking software if SD1_CD_B is not used?