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Yocto i.Mx6 error on qtwebengine-5.7.1+gitAUTOINC+9cc97f0c63_b3c79e92f0-r0 do_compile

Question asked by Buggs Bunny on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by Buggs Bunny

Hello everyonne,


I am new here around NXP Community, so I hope I am not in the wrong category. 

I just received a ConnectCore 6 SBC board provided by Digi, which embedded an i.MX6Quad. The provider includes with the board a complete tutorial with a Yocto project (adding their own layer with dedicated features). I am completly new in the yocto universe (but interested by it !) and such an approach is a good start (I think) to get the main lines and ideas of this tool.


So, I started by chosing the features I wanted/needed in my linux distro and started a build. After few things, fetching errors, there and there, I've reached to the point I have a real issue I cannot handle on my own:


qtwebengine-5.7.1+gitAUTOINC+9cc97f0c63_b3c79e92f0-r0 do_compile: GNU gold (GNU Binutils 1.12/home/yoan/Dev/DigiYocto/workspace/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/arm-dey-linux-gnueabi/ error: cannot open : No such file or directory
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

ERROR: qtwebengine-5.7.1+gitAUTOINC+9cc97f0c63_b3c79e92f0-r0 do_compile: oe_runmake failed
ERROR: qtwebengine-5.7.1+gitAUTOINC+9cc97f0c63_b3c79e92f0-r0 do_compile: Function failed: do_compile...

Etc, etc...


So, do anyone have an idea concerning how I can correct this or anyway to debug/have more verbose information about it ?


Thanks for answering