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aspi#nxp5442 and NXP MIFARE Classic 1k - C# support

Question asked by Michał Gryniak on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by IvanRuiz

Hello, I’m looking for solution to get Smart Card ID (Serial Number) over NFC.

Device: Zebra tablet Windows 10

System device: aspi#nxp5442#1#...{fb3842cd-..-4b0761139ae9} visible as NXP NearFieldProximity Provider.

My Smart Card:  NXP MIFARE Classic 1k  (ISO 14443-3A)

Programming language: C#


When I’m use Microsoft ProximityDevice library I can attached to events  DeviceArrived, DeviceDeparted but it is not possible get Card ID. I’m tried use PcscSdk from Microsoft but still not work. Looks like this library works on the Smart Card device but I don’t see this device in Device manager. Maybe I need additional drivers or you have dedicated library for this system device.

Thank you for help.