Abhishek Gupta

UJA113x 'Restoring factory preset values' issue

Discussion created by Abhishek Gupta on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Dietmar Schmid

Hello Everyone,


I'm facing a problem in restoring factory preset values. As mentioned in datasheet, pg no - 88  '7.13.2 Restoring factory preset values'. I applied the mentioned changes as follows:

1. Reset pin directly connected to GND.

2. CANH is pulled up to VBAT(12V in my case), with a 33K (1/4 W) resistor.

3. CANL is pulled down to GND, with a 33K (1/4 W) resistor.

After applying this configuration I switch ON the power supply for 5 secs and then turn it OFF. After this when I turn ON the supply it again enters into Stand-By Mode rather than Forced Normal Mode.


Please let me know if you have tried to restore factory preset values and what configuration you applied.