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Hello, i have a problem in ADC1 group B configuration using MKV31F256 device

Question asked by Dhafer hannaoui on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by Dhafer hannaoui

Hello, i have a problem in ADC group B configuration using MKV31F256 device.

So in my project, the adc1 SE18 channel is configured as group B, and it's triggered using PDB hardware trigger, but the adc conversion didn't start, also i tried to use ADC0, but the same problem.

But when i used the same project but with changing adc1 SE18 channel as group A, the program woks well (adc conversion starts well).

So,I want that the project works also with group B, because i need to use 4 ADC channels in the real project (using adc1(with two channels) and adc0(with two channels)).

you find attached the project and the detailled project description in the main file.


Original Attachment has been moved to: adc_SE18_Groupe_B_Pdb_hw_trig.rar