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Is it possible to monitor the MCPS request descriptors?

Question asked by Brian Tetzlaff on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

I am using Zigbee 3.0.  When I transmit a lot of commands I get E_ZCL_ERR_ZTRANSMIT_FAIL errors.  I dug a little deeper into the error message and found that I am getting ZPS_XS_E_NO_FREE_MCPS_REQ (0x85) and ZPS_XS_E_NO_FREE_LOOPBACK (0x86) Extended Errors.


The comments from the file zps_nwk_pub.h explain about these errors:

    ZPS_XS_E_NO_FREE_MCPS_REQ,                        // 0x85 There are no free MCPS request descriptors.  There are 8 MCPS request descriptors.  These are only ever likely to be exhausted under very heavy network load or when trying to transmit too many frames too close together.
    ZPS_XS_E_NO_FREE_LOOPBACK,                        // 0x86 The loop back send is currently busy.  There can be only one loopback request at a time.


My question is:

Is it possible to monitor the MCPS request descriptors so that I can see when I am getting to the limit?  This way I could delay sending a new transmit until there is was at least 1 MCPS request descriptor available.