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i.MX6 Android camera auto focus handler

Question asked by Pierre Le Gargasson on Sep 4, 2017

Good morning,

Working on i.MX6 Dual Lite with Android Nougat N7.1.1_1.0.0(kernel 4.1.15).


I integrated camera driver OV5640 with auto focus feature. Video and auto focus work well.

One trouble remains. On camera app, when I touch the screen to focus on a target point, a circle appears but auto focus doesn't start. Auto focus only works on app launch/wake up.


Problem comes from file : kernel_imx/drivers/media/platform/mxc/capture/ov5640_mipi.c (attached file)

function : ioctl_s_ctrl - V4L2 sensor interface handler for VIDIOC_S_CTRL ioctl


The function handler is never called. How can I register/link it to screen touch event ?


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