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s32 powerpc complier link bug, omit the flash rcnw table.

Question asked by he xiaobo on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by ALEXANDER FEDOTOV

I am work for the mpc5675k bsp.

When I create the simple project from the s32ds, it work good.

But when i make my bsp pkg, contian the base files same as the simple project, to be a library.

And make a test app, contain the v_test.cpp.

when I link the main.o and the bsp library, the compiler make thev_test.elf.

but when debug, it can't work, cpu can't init.

I debug it ,and trace in to the flash memory, the vector of addrees 0, is emit by the compiler.

I must to add this code to avoid the bug:


#ifdef __GNUC__
extern const uint32_t RCHW[];
cuint32_t * p = RCHW;
vuint32_t k = *p;


bug, and fix