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Offline BIST returning fails on MPC5744P

Question asked by Igor Modino on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Igor Modino

Hi all.


I'm creating a small driver for BIST for the MPC5744P in order to enable/disable it and get relevant information (LBIST/MBIST completion status and result, ...) and I'm finding that LBIST status register is always returning 0b11, meaning that tests on partitions 2 and 3 failed.


While tracing it I got 0b1111 in some cases but can not reproduce it consistently. I've found a note about executing LBIST in the Flash can leave it in an unknown state and I'm not sure if that can be the case (


I'm just using offline BIST (which is enabled by default). All other registers are OK (STCU status, MBIST status and completion and LBIST completion).


Does anyone have any idea what can be going on and how to get more information around it?.