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Serial Boot loader for MPC5777M

Question asked by yalamanda dosakyala on Sep 4, 2017

Hi NXP Community support, I am currently implementing the serial boot loader for MPC5777M, as per  MPC5748G serial Boot loader design document and code(AN5319). I got stuck at Erase command.


I am using S32DS studio power pc V1.1 for MPC5777M board.


I am using the same " Standard software drivers" given for MPC5700 C55FG Flash Standard Software Driver (REV 1.1.0). in AN5319 source code.


My UART driver is working properly but , when I entered "1 " from the command line for Erase operation, The code is giving the IVOR1 exception. I am unable to resolve this issue , I have checked all the remaining configuration like flash blocks.


I have one more doubt  that how to move the c-array drivers to ram manually .currently I am using 

#pragma ghs section rodata=".ram_code"

Is it correct , if not can you please suggest me how to move the c-array drivers manually to RAM.


And also suggest me how to move the other resources mentioned in the AN5319.pdf like IVORn etc...also to RAM area manually.


The MPC 5748g Serial boot loader is given for GHS , so what are the changes I have to modify for the S32DS Power PC V1.1 , MPC5777M.