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PWM dithering for synchronous buck converter is  needed or not?(LPC82X)

Question asked by Nagaswaroop H C on Sep 3, 2017

Dear NXP team,


We  are developing Maximum power point tracking system for solar application. Which uses synchronous buck converter.

For our application we selected part LPC822M101JDH20 for following requirement :

1. Dead time control.

2.PWM dual edge control.




Now we are in dilemma to use PWM dithering for our application or not.

1. First we would like to know from your side is their any need of PWM dithering for our application, if yes which MCU you would to recommend?

2. What is reasoning for doing PWM dithering in our application?


Also let us know how  many Single and Dual edge PWM channel are there in LPC822M101JDH20  and how to configure them?