Cryptography libraries for KL82Z

Discussion created by martir on Sep 4, 2017
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I'm trying to use some cryptography functions in a KL82Z board. I'm using SDK_2.2_MKL82Z128xxx7 package.

I've seen and tried succefully the AES and DES examples for this board. But I need also some asymmetric cryptography (like RSA).

I've tried to work with mbedtls library but I'd say is almost incompatible with MCUxpresso configuration. In order to use mbedtls functions I have to add headers from arm-none-eabi, which these headers get incompatibilities with Redlib headers, plus some includes are missing (<sys/sockets>, <netinet/in.h>, <arpa/inet.h> etc...). Been trying to fix that the whole day but I think it's just wasting time, I just get error after error.


Is there some alternative to this library or someone has a compatible version of it?


Thanks in advance.