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Unable to program flash configuration field TRK-KEA128 board

Question asked by raj ankali on Sep 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

Hi, I am newbie to NXP.


I am trying check how to use back-door key command, but I am unable to program FSEC register via flash configuration field. Following are the steps I am following


1) Flash_Erase_Sector(Sector2); // Erasing sector from address 0x400

2) uint8_t u8keys[8] = {0xAA,0xAA,0xAA,0xAA,0xAA,0xAA,0xAA,0xAA};
    uint8_t flash_array[8] = {0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xBF,0xFF};

3) Flash_Program(0x400, &u8keys[0], 8);    //Programming back-door keys

4) Flash_Program(0x408, &flash_array[0], 8); //Programming rest of flash config field, back-door key access enabled


After reset, FPROT register value: 0xFF, FSEC register value: 0xFE.

Why the FSEC register value is not changing?, how to program flash configuration field?