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How do I use Project Generator for Config tools to get the files to show up in MCUXpresso IDE?

Question asked by JOHN SORENSEN on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by Marek Trmac

I carried over a barebones simple project running on Kinetis Design Studio to MCUXpresso. I wanted to use the Config Tools Project Generator to do all the work, but that didn't work very easily. I had to load an existing bare bones project, then add the clock and pin and board files and main.c and anything else needed. I was using the latest tools, that is MCUXpresso IDEV10.0.2 Build411, SDK_2.x_MKL02Z32xxx4, and the June 7, 2017 version of the config tools. Using the project generator tool, the project files show up in the IDE project window, but not in the workspace. How would I get the project and files to show up in the IDE project window with all the right files in the Include directory? Existing instructions are outdated and don't work in trying to import the *.mex file. I can import the *.mex file, (now via the Quick Panel), but not all files are imported. What exactly are the proper updated  steps to do this?