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Can't access iMX7 via fastboot on Mac

Question asked by John Abraham on Sep 1, 2017
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I'm not able to access iMX7 (PICO-PI-IMX7) via fastboot or ADB. I'm on a Mac and also tried Windows to no avail. My goal is to flash the device with Android Things image. I am able to access the device via a terminal. Any idea what might be my issue? I've reviewed the Android Things guide from Google, as well as the Quick Start guide (PICO i.MX7D Development Platform for Android Things Quick Start Guide).


# fastboot devices //doesn't return anythig

# adb devcies //doesn't return anything


My Mac does 'see' the USB device. I have connected other boards in the past and seen been able to access them via fastboot.


Any help appreciated.