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Timer use for LPC11U37H: Is it possibel to generate an 8HMz and an 1MHz Output Signal's with CT16B0 MAT0 an MAT1 Output?

Question asked by Ulrich Klakow on Sep 2, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by jeremyzhou

I use an OM130074 Evaluation board for pre development the Software for a target system that is currently in production.

I will use a 16-Bit Timer Channel 0 to gennerate to signals.

My base main board frequency will be running with 48MHz (USB Request conditions).

From that the first step is working, i can generate an signal from 16MHz (maximum), to my lowest frequency for the application is 4Mhz.

For this i use Port0_9.

An second Signal musts generate an Signal from 2MHz down to 500kHz and shut use Port0_8.

Is it possible with one timer?