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Looking for examples or advice on upgrading firmware in flash for KL17Z

Question asked by Nick Newell on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Nick Newell

I'm trying to upgrade the flash in an MKL17Z256xxx processor from within the firmware. The goal is to load an image from a cellular modem into bank 1 and than either switch or write it into bank 0. I'm having trouble setting up the linker command file to use either the RAM or the flash for this purpose.  I'm looking for a detailed example of how to do this. I have only found 2 documents one just shows writing to flash while running in the same bank and the other is a document that does show some steps to using RAM but its for other IDE tool chains (I'm using Kinetis 3.2.0) and it seems to be using some old version of the FSL API. I have looked at the fsl_flash.c code which seems to support relocating to RAM but there's no documentation showing this beyond the API reference, so any examples using that library would be handy. The RAM is pretty small and I can probably afford a couple sectors in the upper flash bank for this purpose. Thanks.