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MCUXPRESSO No compatible probes available, mbed OM13071 lpc824

Question asked by klausrschambeck on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Brendon Slade

first a friendly Hello to the support engineers :


mcuxpresso 10.0.2 (411) fresh install on win 10 pro 1703 on dell e6430 laptop


my own lpc824 project compiles, but doesn't load : "no compatible probes available"


the lpc824-max mbed device shows up as "mbed cmsis-dap" in control panel devices and printers


why does mcuxpresso not see the probe for / in it


i also attached a few pics to show some of the below mentioned results ... any reference to win10_pro_1703 refers to the computer where i experience this problem and win10_home_1607 refers to the working win computer


the win 10 pro 1703 has a brand new windows install to get started with and no previous left overs from upgrades ... also the 1607 and 1703 refers to the win 10 rev levels ... i was not able to upgrade the working win 10 home from 1607 to 1703 ... some windows upgrade issues ... win10_home_1607 is an hp 17e189 ... both have 16 gb ram


for comparison :


my lpc54114 project compiles and loads (runs) on the same win 10 pro 1703 laptop without any problems


my lpc824 project compiles and loads (runs) on all linux (kubuntu 1604) boxes

my lpc824 project compiles and loads (runs) on other win 10 home 1607, which was upgraded from win 8.1 and had previous lpcxpresso versions installed


i also tried it with lpcxpresso 822.2.650 and a brand new empty lpcopen C++ project ... it compiles but doesn't load


maybe this is an issue for you Brandon or Steve, cheers Klaus