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LS1043A: Not Generating FTM Peripheral Interrupt

Question asked by K SHAH on Aug 31, 2017

Hello Team,


I am using LS1043ARDB and want to generate interrupt whenever timer overflow flag set for FTM1 module.


I have set the FTM1_SC.TOIE=1.


As per the LS1043A FTM1 has interrupt ID 118. So, I have done following settings w.r.t interrupt ID 118:

  • Enable Group 0 and Group 1 Interrupt in the GICD_CTLR
  • Enabled interrupt using GICD_ISENABLER register at offset w.r.t Interrupt ID 118.
  • Set interrupt priority to FA using GICD_IPRIORITYR register for this interrupt since priority value in the  GICC_PMR is 0xF0.
  • Enable Group 0 and Group 1 interrupts forwarding to CPU interface using GICC_CTLR
  • Interrupt is set as Group 0 interrupt (By default).
  • Clearing IRQ and FIQ flag in DAIF register and my current exception level is EL3. 


After doing all above settings still interrupt is not getting generated. I have checked that FTM module is properly configured and overflow flag is being set when FTM counter passes the value in the MOD register.


Could you please let me know is there anything missing in the setting? It would be great help if you share sample code.