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LPC4330 M0 start up

Question asked by Koen Van der Aa on Aug 31, 2017
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I'm working on a project with the LPC4330. I want to start the M0 core with the M4 core.



My goal is to place the code for the M0 in the RAM section at start-up and then activate the M0. To compile the M0 code I use keil with the command: 

fromelf --cadcombined --output="..\LPC4330_Xplorer_CM4\CM0_Image.c" ".\RAM\CM0_RAM.axf"

This comes from the example code and convertes the axf file to a C code file (with a array of the hex code). 

But if I copy this code in the RAM section I can't place it at address 0x20008000 but only to address 0x20008001. The last three numbers should be zero in order to start the M0. Is this the reason the M0 does not start or does someone has another solution? 


LPCXpresso provides the multicore option but since i have a Segger J-link programmer I can't use this option. 


Have a nice day!


Koen Van der Aa