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LPC2294 + Winstar WEH001602B via EMC, working with OLED 2x16 display using External Memory Controller

Question asked by Konstantin Gusev on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by Konstantin Gusev

I'm trying to work with the meant display. When I use the pins P2.0-7 as GPIO (as well, as RW and E signals), I can control the display pretty well, but it's very slow and demands a lot of extra code to write. So I'm trying to use EMC to make the process faster and clearer. The following problems occured:

1. The line RW is constantly 1, so I cannot write anything.

Ok, let's drop the line to the ground - firstly I just want to write smth to the display.

2. Cannot see proper E signal generated by EMC. Instead, I can see multiple (circa 4 - 10) impulses generated each time I make step in Debug mode on _any_ command, not only those about the LCD. This results in output like "AAAAAAA" instead of "A" in Debug mode and no output at all when i leave the programme to run by itself.

What am I doing wrong?