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TCP echo example crashes (lwip_freertos_tcpecho)

Question asked by Gerhard Wesp on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Gerhard Wesp

Hi all,


I've recently started using Xpresso to develop an application using TCP connections.


We're using the NGX Xplorer 1830 board (LCP1837 MCU).


I tried the shipped lwIP examples, specifically lwip_freertos_tcpecho.  The only modification was the IP configuration for our network.


Unfortunately, the demo behaves very unstable to the point where it is unusable in practice:

* It crashes reproducibly if nmap -sn is run on the network.  Apparently the app is not designed to handle these packets, how to add support for this / avoid the crash?

* It randomly crashes during TCP connections, usually after entering 5-10 strings.  Closing the connection and establishing a new one after it accelerates the crashes.


Any pointers greatly appreciated!


If commercial support to resolve these issues is available, we'd happily buy it.




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