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BLE Connection Interval Events

Question asked by Ibrahim Youssef on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Estephania Martinez



I am working on a project with three NXP FRDM-KW41Z boards, and I have them communicating data via Bluetooth Low Energy. One board is being used to collect the data sent by two peripheral devices, which send notifications periodically. I am looking to synchronize the data collection to the connection interval, and was wondering how/if this could be done. I am unable to find anything like a callback function that is called at the start/end of a connection interval, but was hoping that there is some other way to "listen" for the start of a new connection interval on the peripheral devices.



In a nutshell, is there any event or callback function on the peripheral devices that I could exploit to indicate that a connection interval has just begun?


Thanks in advance!