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i.MX6 NAND Timing Settings

Question asked by scott10 on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by kreg

Hello i.MX Community,


My team is working to optimize our i.MX6 NAND bus to maximize throughput while maintaining good margins. We are using the IMX6DQRM Rev. 3 for reference and we have a few questions we could use your help to answer:



What does the dsample_time parameter in the m_NandTiming array (Table 8-11) physically map to? Does it get used by the Boot ROM for raw NAND (Single Data Rate)?

  • I see this is set to a default data_sample_time of 6 in kobs_ng's dot-kobs file, but there doesn't appear to be any other reference to it in any i.MX6 documentation or our NAND part's datasheet.
  • Additionally, if I modify this parameter, update the FCB table in NAND, and then dump the registers after booting from NAND, I don't see any GPMI register changes.



Can you please confirm the m_NandTiming parameters for data_setup, data_hold, and address_setup are a 1:1 mapping with the bit fields in the GPMI_TIMING0 register? For example, if I want a data_hold equal to 10 GPMICLK cycles, should I set each parameter to 10 (0xA)?



Can you please confirm the Toggle Mode parameters in the FCB table (e.g. TMSpeed, TMTiming1_BusyTimeout) are ignored when using raw NAND (Single Data Rate).

  • If so, I would also assume the GPMI registers these values set are also ignored when using raw NAND.