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32MHz clock option in JN516x chips

Question asked by Witold Sowa on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Witold Sowa

JN5168 (and other in the family) have quite strict requirements regarding 32MHz crystal to be used - low ESR or low capacitance. These can be achieved with large footprint crystals like 3.2x2.5mm crystal used in JN5168 Mxx modules or USB dongle. I am however very constrained in PCB space and I'd like to use smaller device instead, e.g. a silicon or crystal oscillator like this: . Datasheet says I can use external source for 32kHz clock but says nothing about other source than crystal for 32Mhz clock.


Can I use JN5168 with such devices instead of crystal? How do I connect it? Just directly to XTALIN and leave XTALOUT not connected?