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T1022 2.5G SGMII not working

Question asked by Obi Okafor on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Obi Okafor

We have a system with a T1022 CPU and MAC1 and MAC2 connected to an external switch.


MAC1/2 work at 1Gbps with the following settings in the SERDES SGMII MDIO registers:

SGMII mode (not 1000BaseX)

Autonegotiation off

Speed 1000

Full duplex


When configured at 2.5Gbps, the links do not work. We have tried both SGMII and 1000BaseX modes.


The external switch supports 2500BaseX only at 2.5Gbps. Does the T1022 support 2500BaseX?


The reference manual describes 2.5G SGMII as 1G SGMII overclocked. Is this compatible with 2500BaseX?