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spifi library availability?

Question asked by __placeholder____placeholder__ on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Gustavo Scalet

First, NXP needs to make it a priority to fix all the broken links to, or archive the content, or do something other than kill off the lpcware site and content completely, as I believe my answer might be there.  Many of the links from this forum are now dead.  eg. Latest version of spifi_drv_M4.lib please, and where to download the SPIFI library documentation?  or SPIFI library source code 


I am using the LPC4357 with SPIFI flash.  It works with S25FL128P and S25FL032K, but those parts are now obsolete and I am switching to the S25FL128L  The problem is the SPIFI library is old, and does not work (spifi_init returns 20008 = "unknown device type code")


The library I am using consists of spifi_drv_M0.lib, spifi_drv_M4.lib and SPIFI_report v0.1.pdf.  I don't know the origin - I think perhaps from an example.  The pdf has a title 'LPC18xx/LPC43xx SPIFI software library' and 'Rev. 0.01 — 27 April 2012'.


So where can I either find an updated library or the source code that was used?


If the lpcware links were not destroyed then I'd try:

The last link implies that something exists.


This is the closest I can find.  Different API, but supports the S25FL128L

LPC SPIFI Peripheral|NXP