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i.MX6QP-SABRE-SD with Dual Outputs

Question asked by jacob lim on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by jacob lim

I'm trying to decide on the display hardware to purchase for the i.MX6QP-SABRE SD.


I have read that the board is compatible with the following: MCIMX-LVDS1, MCIMX28LCD and possibly MCIMXHDMICARD.


I am currently using the on-board HDMI as my primary output.


Has anyone tried HDMI + either LVDS, LCD, HDMICARD successfully on the i.MX6QP-SABRE-SD (I believe i.MX6Q-SABRE-SD should be similar)?


My ultimate goal would be to output 2 independent displays with the GPU.


EDIT: By the way, I am using Yocto.


Any help is appreciated.