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SRAM Memory Mirror

Question asked by Malcolm Mackay on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Dries Moors

I'd like to transfer a large NDEF record (a few hundred bytes) using the 64 byte SRAM buffer to an Android phone. I do not intend to write an Android app, so I have ruled out pass through mode. Can I write this record to a phone in 64 byte chunks by using the memory Mirror feature?


I'm thinking of using Field Detect to trigger my MCU to write the next 64 bytes to SRAM, then set up the EEPROM address to mirror it to and enable SRAM_MIRROR_ON_OFF. This process repeats for each 64 byte section of the NDEF record. 


Will the Android phone wait for the MCU to write into SRAM without timing out? Is this how the memory Mirror feature was intended to be used? Has anyone tested something similar with the NT3H2211?