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How to use the USB-Ethernet-Gadget for NFS-Boot?

Question asked by Benjamin Postma on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Benjamin Postma

Hey all,


we have a custom board, based on the i.MX6SXSABRESD evaluation board. We have two usb ports, one of them is an USB-OTG port. Now we want the kernel to mount the rootfs via nfs, using the USB-OTG port. Maybe someone can give me some advice how to do this.

When the linux system is up, I can create the virtual network interface by typing

"ifconfig usb0 <TARGET IP ADDRESS>"

After configuration of the target, I can create the interface on the host side, by typing

"sudo ifconfig usb0 <HOST IP ADDRESS>"

This shows that the usb port works in principle.


It would be nice if someone can tell me what to do to get the board booted via NFS.



Best regards