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K60 ethernet trouble

Question asked by David Sherman on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Mark Butcher

I have been trying to get FreeRTOS TCP running on a K60 tower board with the TWR_SER module.  I've confirmed that the K60 is running off the 50 MHz clock from the TWR_SER board, and I can see 50MHz on the OSCERCLK if I route it to pin A11.  The RMII pins have been configured for the RMII, and I can read and write the PHY registers using the MDIO interface.


I have been using a FreeRTOS example (not using FreeRTOS TCP) as a guideline for the K60 ethernet, but I have one last hurdle.  I can't get it to receive or transmit.  I did have an issue with system bus errors due to the memory protection unit, but when I set TDAR or RDAR in the transmit or receive buffer descriptors, nothing appears to happen even though I have set the rxbd E bit and txbd R and L bits.  I was seeing the bus error when I set the TDAR bit, but now I see nothing in the EIR since I cleared the CESR VLD bit .  I have set the RMII_MODE bit in the RCR to put it in RMII mode, is there anything else that needs to be done?  I have the alignment set and FreeRTOS TCP has generated a DHCP request, but I never see the TXEN signal asserted that looks like it's attempting to transmit, the EIR doesn't indicate anything happened, and the buffer descriptors don't change at all, although TDAR and RDAR will clear themselves.


Any ideas?  It appears OSCERCLK is enabled to the ethernet module when the module is enabled, but is there some other clock gate I'm missing?