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Question asked by ishwarlal on Aug 28, 2017
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We are using MK66 with a custom board, AtollicTs no sdk (custom code) .

I am looking for an example to for PDB to trigger DMA transfer. There is a lot of discussion related ADC trigger DMA and PIT trigger DMA and PDB trigger ADC in forum but no post related to PDB trigger DMA.


Actually I want to trigger DMA_CH0 & DMA_CH3 with PIT0 the first part is easy PIT0 is internally connected to DMA_CH0 but the second part is tricky, I tried it myself but no success. the first part is working (i-e PIT0 trigger DMA_CH0) but the second part is not working (i-e PIT0->PDB->DMA_CH3). My all other PIT channels are already used for other tasks.


Dose anyone know have experience with PDB DMA trigger?