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Unusual memory usage with kernel 4.4.x & 4.9.x on i.MX28 EVK

Question asked by bacheh karaji on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2017 by bacheh karaji

I've been trying to fix an unusual memory usage on i.MX28 EVK with the 4.4.x or 4.9.x kernel. The problem shows itself when i activate the eth interface, the used memory on the EVK increases slowly but constantly to reach to around 25Mbytes!

The memory usage is fine with the 3.16.x Kernel... is at about 18Mbytes.

I can't find anything with an unusual memory usage...

I am compiling my own kernel from sources...

Has anyone else seen this? Is this a generic Linux bug or is it a ethernet specific bug? Any good ideas on how to fix this before I start digging into the code?